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The philanthropy wall installation is designed in response to the need to visually recognise and name the individuals and organisations that donate to the Francis Crick Institute on an annual basis.  


Located in the reception area and visible to all staff and visitors who enter the building from the main entrance, the design takes inspiration from the architecture of the lobby space as well as Francis Crick and his team’s breakthrough discovery of the double-stranded DNA. The sculptural form creates a distinct visual presence in the reception area, adjacent to a fully glazed wall where the abundance of daylight subtly changes the visual experience of the wall according to day and season. The well-known double helix structure is interpreted artistically to evoke a sense of movement.  


The name of the individuals and organisations are grouped into three contribution-based tiers but displayed across the four panels, emphasising the collective philanthropic effort. 


The Francis Crick Institute, London


concept & design  Studio Prelude

structural engineer  MDM Props & Crick building engineer team 

fabrication and install  MDM Props

photography  Agnese Sanvito  

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