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Studio Prelude collaborated with Skellon Studio on the Fire! Fire! exhibition in the Museum of London, which documented the 1666 Great Fire of London. The studio worked closely with consultants and museum project team from concept through to construction stage, delivering the following thematic areas: Entrance, London Street, Bakery, Fire Fighting/Insurance, Rebuilding areas, and Exit. 


The approach taken by the design team was a fully immersive and imaginative environment, including a stylised 17th century London Street, a Bakery and an Oven space with integrated AV projections, and large panoramic walls. A series of bespoke interactves and AV material were commissioned as part of the experience, alongside a reconstructed medieval fire engine and artefacts not been seen by the public before. 


The exhibition, which closed in April 2017, was amongst the top most visited events of the Museum’s history.  


Museum of London, UK

curator Meriel Jeeter

lead design  Skellon Studio 

graphic design  Studio Eger

audio visual  Centrescreen

lighting  DHA Lighting

fabrication  Factory Settings

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