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Deconstructing Patterns provides a glimpse into three intricate developmental patterns studied at the Crick, each one introduced by a unique artwork. The art commissions were developed through extensive conversations and close collaborations with Crick researchers, and the resulting artworks offer alternative ways of exploring and describing the microscopic patterns that so intrigue scientists at the Crick. They take the form of a poetry and soundscape piece by Sarah Howe and Chu-Li Shewring, a sculpture and film by Helen Pynor and a film created by a young filmmaking group called KaleiKo. 

Studio Prelude worked with the curator and various team members within the institute from an early stage, actively involved in the development of the exhibition content and visitor journey. A bespoke hanging system enabled exhibits to be raised and lowered from above, making use of the gallery’s high ceiling while providing flexibility for regular events that take place in the gallery. A series of sound pods inspired by theme of rhythm offer an immersive experience for the poetry and soundscape. Science stories are presented alongside interactive elements such as audio recordings, videos, microscopes, peep holes, and glossaries. 

The Francis Crick Institute, London

curator  Bryony Benge-Abbott

graphic collaborator Aniela Gil

structural engineer  TALL engineers

fabrication and install  MER

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